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Updated: Jul 3, 2022

We are super excited that you have visited PARKnRIDE parking blog! In Parklog we will be talking about everything in the intersection of parking and public transport.

Why Park and Ride?

Our CBDs are congested, the more cars that goes to our CBDs the worse the problem gets, also there's an environmental aspect to that, majority of the cars on the roads are powered by fossil fuel and each additional car travelling to the city adds to our carbon footprint. However, commuters struggle to find station parking spots around public transport, and the process of finding a commuter parking is not as smooth as it can be. Different state governments are investing heavily in creating more park and ride spaces and streamlining the parking experience, one of these projects was real-time parking occupancy that was introduced by Transport for NSW in early 2020 and this was the start of PARKnRIDE app.

What problem are we trying to solve?

Commuters usually have more than one option to park their cars near public transport stations, and usually these options are few kms away from each other, however computers are left handcuffed without any information access that helps them make decisions, the options they have is to search online for station parking near me or post to local community facebook groups asking if someone knows if a certain parking is full or still has some capacity, at PARKnRIDE we are trying to solve this problem by making the information readily available to users, so instead of searching for station parking near me, you can now log into the app and see all park and ride near your current location on the map, once you click on the pin you will be able to see more information about the car park which include the number of vacant spots, what modes of transport available near that parking and you can quickly jump to your favourite navigation app to head to the desired station.

We are currently supporting 21 park and ride locations in Sydney and New South Wales, however we are working with Transport for NSW to add more stations, keep an eye on our site and we will let you know as soon as we add more station to roll the app out to more cities and states.

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